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    Dec 2014
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    Bookends - 10.6.3 - Phần mềm tìm kiếm và quản lý thông tin

    Product Description:

    Bookends is a full featured and cost-effective bibliography/reference and information management system for students and professionals. With Bookends you can easily import references (information about journal articles, books, etc.) from EndNote, and directly search and import from PubMed, the Web of Science, Google Scholar, JSTOR, Amazon, the Library of Congress, and hundreds of other online sources. Use a built-in browser to download references with pdfs or and/or web pages with a click. Automatic searches of PubMed let you discover articles as soon as they are published. Powerful group-based searches, with static, smart, and virtual groups. Live Search lets you further refine searches as you type. Annotate your database with reference cross-linking with defined relationships and comments. Attach any file (such as a pdf) to a reference and view or open it instantly. There are options to automatically download, rename and organize pdf files on-the-fly from PubMed (requires access permission) or from your hard drive. Scan your word processor files and automatically generate finished manuscripts with properly formatted bibliographies. Access the power of Bookends directly from MS Word (including Word 2008), Mellel, and Nisus Writer Pro. Scan Pages '08 and '09 files and OpenOffice 3 files, or RTF files saved from any word processor. Share your references over the Internet with anyone, on any platform (you, but not people who access your databases, must have a broadband connection).

    What's new in this version:

    * Updated Google Scholar online search to deal with changes made by Google.

    * Modified the APA 6th format to output an article's URL (if available) if the doi field is empty.

    * Bug fixes.

    Operating System Requirements:

    This product is designed to run on the following operating systems:

    * Mac OS X 10.5 Intel

    * Mac OS X 10.5 PPC

    * Mac OS X 10.4 Intel

    * Mac OS X 10.4 PPC



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    Đã có bản 11.01 (Bản 11.1 đang kiếm chưa được)


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    Dec 2014
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    cho em hỏi cái này xài có sướng hơn Spotlight tích hợp trong Snow không ạ ?

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