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    A Better Finder Rename 8: đổi tên file hàng loạt

    Link: http://www.publicspace.net/ABetterFi.../version8.html

    Version 8 is a major upgrade and free to customers who have purchased the product after the 1st of January 2007 or who own a forever license. Other users will need to purchase an upgrade. Here are some of the highlights of the new version:

    • New User Interface
      fully resizable single window with larger preview area
    • renaming actions are now organized into 7 intuitive categories
    • countless incremental improvements
    [*]Save-able Presets
    • save your current settings to a preset
    • restore them with a single click
    [*]New Renaming Engine
    • is now database-backed for larger renames and more advanced features
    • automatically resolves file name conflicts by inserting configurable distinguishers at the end of conflicting file names
    • previews all files that will be renamed (no longer limited to 250 items)
    • fully multi-threaded means that the UI never blocks even when previewing or renaming large renaming jobs
    • optimizes the order in which items are renamed so as to avoid "deadlocks" (i.e. situations where one file can't be renamed because a previous file has not yet been renamed)
    • extensive progress information is provided at each stage (no more beach balling)

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    Phần mềm hay quá, nhưng tiếc là lại có bản quyền =))

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