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Chủ đề: iGetter v2.8.5

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    Ngày tham gia
    Dec 2014
    Bài viết

    iGetter v2.8.5

    iGetter X 2.8.5

    iGetter X 2.8.5 | Mac Os X | 4.8 MB

    iGetter is a powerful, full featured download manager and accelerator. iGetter can greatly improve the speed of your downloads using segmented downloading. In addition it allows auto resume on broken downloads, queue filtering by various criteria, site explorer, history list, scheduling downloads for low traffic periods, auto redial on broken connection, auto hang-up and shut down on completion, and much more.

    Key Features:

    iGetter resumes broken downloads, checking date and size.

    iGetter supports Segmented (Accelerated) downloading. This basic feature of iGetter can greatly improve the speed of your downloads.

    iGetter supports HTTP and FTP protocols as well as HTTPS and FTP over SSL implicitly and explicitly.

    iGetter integrates with the FileAvenue.net web service. This feature allows the latest and most popular files of the FileAvenue.net downloads library to appear directly in iGetter.

    iGetter supports searching of file mirrors for additional acceleration of downloads.

    iGetter includes a Site Explorer that allows exploration of entire web or FTP sites, so you can easily find and download files you’re interested in. When the Site Explorer is used iGetter displays the web contents rendered in a separate view below the site tree. This makes the process of exploration very convenient as you see the web page directly in iGetter as you would with a web browser. When you reach the file or files you’re interested in downloading, you can easily add them to the iGetter queue. To use the web content view feature with the Mac version you must install Safari 1.0 or later.

    iGetter includes a Site Manager that allows limitation of the overall number of connections for particular servers.

    iGetter analyzes every server response to prevent from damage to your file downloads.

    iGetter integrates with Internet Explorer, Firefox (Win), Safari (Mac), Camino 1.x (Mac), and iCab (Mac) via a contextual menu for hyperlinks.

    iGetter integrates with Safari (Mac), Camino (Mac), OmniWeb (Mac), Internet Explorer (Mac/Win), Firefox (Mac/Win), Netscape (Mac/Win), SeaMonkey/Mozilla (Mac/Win) and Opera (Win), by monitoring clicks of hyperlinks.

    iGetter supports the drag and drop technology and with its Target Icon you can easily download any dragable link or file with Internet location.

    iGetter supports monitoring of your clipboard for Internet addresses.

    iGetter can process all web page links for downloading in the queue.

    iGetter allows you to preview the contents of ‘zip’ compressed files before to download them.

    By integration with QuickTime technology iGetter allows the previewing of all finished video, audio and other QuickTime readable downloads (Macromedia Flash, PDF, etc.) directly in the application. In addition, iGetter shows all of the available file media information. (Mac version only).

    iGetter lets you organize your file downloads, and automatically downloads them.

    iGetter includes three types of queue filters that automatically show downloads in accordance with various criteria.

    iGetter includes a history list for all finished downloads.

    iGetter includes search function with an option to search the queue, history list or FileAvenue downloads library.

    With iGetter you can easily control every download job. You can start, pause or let iGetter automatically download your files.

    With the iGetter Dock/Tray Icon control menu, you can easily control iGetter while it is hidden.

    iGetter includes Metallic interface with an option to switch between Aqua and Metallic interfaces (Mac version only).

    Its user-friendly interface offers you convenience and ease-of-use as you begin to download with iGetter.

    iGetter autodetects your connection to the Internet. It can automatically reconnect a modem connection until all pending downloads are done.

    iGetter can schedule your downloads for low traffic periods (i.e. 4 in the morning).

    iGetter can Hang Up the modem connection and Shut down the computer when all files in the queue are finished.

    iGetter lets you use a virus scanner program that you have on your computer to auto-scan downloaded files.

    iGetter has a Speed Limit function which allows you to download files and still use your web browser without loss of performance.

    iGetter supports HTTP, Tunnel and FTP Proxies, and Socks Firewalls (4, 4a, 5).

    iGetter has a fully preemptive multitasking engine using native Mac OS X/Windows pthreads, which increases the performance of the application especially on multiprocessor systems.

    CD Burning – this feature allows you to burn completed downloads on a CD-R/W directly in iGetter. Function keeps track of all CD numbers, so you can easily find on which CD you have burned a particular download. (Requires Windows XP or above)

    iGetter supports standard URL suite for AppleScript and is fully scriptable (Mac version only).

    iGetter is developed using C/C++ with Metrowerks (Mac version) and Microsoft Visual C++ .NET (Windows version), which has resulted in an efficient, and responsive program.


    Các bạn test dùm mình thằngng này nha. Vì khi sử dụng đang download khoản 5 phút hay 10 phút là nó tự động tắt ah. Còn bản 2.8 thì không. Mong các bạn test và trả lời mình sớm để biết nguyên nhân nha

    Y!M: pjsun_pro[MENTION=73579]yahoo.com[/MENTION].vn:mstickle:

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    Ngày tham gia
    Dec 2014
    Bài viết
    Không phải tự động tắt mà bản mới sẽ ở chế độ bật nhanh hơn bản 2.8. Thêm nữa, ở bản trước bạn đã setup đầy đủ thì giờ bản mới bạn phải setup lại các thông số...

  3. #3
    Trích dẫn Gửi bởi William_Bruce
    Không phải tự động tắt mà bản mới sẽ ở chế độ bật nhanh hơn bản 2.8. Thêm nữa, ở bản trước bạn đã setup đầy đủ thì giờ bản mới bạn phải setup lại các thông số...
    Vậy bạn có thể hướng dẫn minh chỗ set time, sao cho nó đừng tắt ngang được không, vì download file cỡ 10 phút trở lên la nó tự động tắt, vì mình để chương trình tự download nên hok co ở máy, mà nó cứ tự tắt, tốn thời gian nhiều quá. Thank

  4. #4
    co huong dan ko ban cho minh xin voi

  5. #5
    Ngày tham gia
    Dec 2014
    Bài viết
    Em là người mới nghe bác nói thế không dám xài luôn :">

  6. #6
    Ngày tham gia
    Dec 2014
    Bài viết
    mình cũng bị lỗi giống bạn đang down load khoang 5 đến 10' thì bị thoát

  7. #7
    Ngày tham gia
    Dec 2014
    Bài viết
    bác cho em bản 2.8 được không bác? [IMG]styles/default/xenforo/clear.png[/IMG]

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