CleanApp 3.4.6 | Mac Os X | 14 MB

CleanApp is an application deinstaller and archiver.

Why does Mac OS X need an Uninstaller? ​

Have you ever unsuccessfully tried to get rid of a program and all the files that came with it? Are logfiles, plists and caches cluttering folders and volumes on your Mac? Don't you ask yourself from time to time where the multiple gigabytes of hard disk space continuously vanish to? Uninstall, archive, backup and analysis CleanApp analyzes, archives and removes applications and on your Mac, complete with all relevant files.


Our brand-new version 3 of CleanApp now gained in power and efficiency: requiring less memory and CPU than the predecessor, CleanApp 3 reliably tracks the most complex installations and quickly presents the user with a comprehensive listing of all information gathered so far.


CleanApp's Logging Service is our custom-designed mechanism to meticulously record all acitivies of applications on your Mac. This component has been updated, leveraging Apple's recommended programming architecture. CleanApp 3 is now completely Leopard-compliant and runs smoothly on Mac OS X 10.5. To maintain backwards compatibility, we still fully support Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger.


Our entirely new GUI design comprises much of the feedback and suggestions we received from our users. CleanApp 3 has become even easier to handle and configure thanks to this new graphical user interface.


Version 3.4.6:

Fixed problem that prevented the logging service from launching under Mac OS 10.4 on PowerPC based Macs


PPC / Intel, Mac OS X 10.4 or later