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Mailplane brings Gmail to your Mac desktop. Mailplane combines

Gmail&#039;s spam protection, endless storage, global access, and

unique user interface with great Mac features:

Attach files: Drag &#039;n&#039; drop your files and folders to Mailplane

and watch them being attached to the message and automatically


Send optimized photos: Pictures get automatically resized and

optimized to reduce the size of your message.

Instantly send screenshots: Need to send a Screenshot? With one

click you grab a portion of your screen and attach it to your


Send pictures from iPhoto: Mailplane comes with an iPhoto plugin

that makes sending picture attachments so easy: select any

pictures in iPhoto and then press the email button. That&#039;s it.

Multiple accounts: Add as many Gmail accounts (or Google apps for

your domain accounts) as you want and switch between them without

restarting Mailplane. And there is no need to enter passwords

every two weeks, either. Mailplane stores them safely in the Mac


Download attachments and then reveal them in Finder. If the attachment is a photo or even a ZIP file containing pictures,then you can directly import them to iPhoto.

Get Notified: Mailplane lets you know when new mail arrives. By

playing a sound, by showing the number of unread messages in the

application icon and by the Growl notification system.

Plus: Monitor all your accounts with the accounts drawer or the status


Talk with your Buddies: If somebody wants to talk, Mailplane

shows a Growl notification. The brand-new Google Talk Gadget

(displayed inside a separate window) offers some nice features

like video and photo preview.

And more: Full control of Google Mail with your keyboard, by

using Mac keystrokes. Access the flexible and customizable

toolbar. Send Mail from address book, safari or any application

showing "mailto" urls and more. Plus Mailplane is available in

many languages.



The app within this release is for Snow Leopard. You can get

Leopard version on the developer&#039;s site.

= "Quick" How-To =

* Press the "Install(Update) Haxie" button if it&#039;s pessable. (If

not, skip to step 3.)

* Reboot if you pressed the button in step 1. Start the keymaker

again after reboot.

* Press the "Generate" button to install the license.

= "Troubleshoot" How-To =

* Install the APE plugin by pressing the "Install(Update) Haxie"

button. (Make sure you have Application Enhancer installed!) The

keyfilemaker will try installing the Haxie if you have

Application Enhancer installed. If you already install this Haxie before, make sure the you keep the newer version of the plugin.

If the installation does not start automatically, you can install

it via Application Enhancer. The Haxie will be output to your


* After installed the plugin (.ape), logout once or reboot before

you generate the keyfile or use the serial. (In most of the

cases, you don&#039;t have to do this, but there&#039;s always exceptions¡K)

* Use our keyfilemaker /keymaker to generate and install the

license file on your desktop. (The keyfilemaker will try to open

it with the application, and if it fails to validate, either this

build of the application is not working with the Haxie or you did

not logout once after you install the Haxie/Application Enhancer)

* Enter the generated serial or install the generated license

file on your desktop.

* Restart the app and enjoy.

= NOTE =

* The license files/license keys made by the

keyfilemaker/keymaker will not work without both Application

Enhancer & plugin installed.

* Sometimes logout/reboot is needed for the plugin to take effect.

* The plugin only work for 10.5+ and 10.6+.

* If your system does not recognize the .ape plugin as a bundle, then you have to install it via the Application Enhancer prefpane.

= Credits =

* Application Enhancer is a product of Unsanity LLC

(http://unsanity.com/), CORE thanks them for their wonderful

work, and we are sorry that we can&#039;t send official letters to ask

for licensing our Haxies, since we simply can&#039;t do it, and you

all know why.

= ChangeLog =

* Version 1.3 - SDK update and help file for those who can&#039;t read.

* Version 1.2 - Add support for applications with special 64-bit

class and instance variable a​