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Chủ đề: Coda 1.7.1 Mac OSX

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    Dec 2014
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    Coda 1.7.1 Mac OSX

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    Coda 1.7.1 | Mac OSX | 21 Mb

    Coda is a one-window web development app. Coda takes all of the tools you need to build the future of the web, including an integrated file browser, fully-featured text editor, CSS editor, preview, built-in terminal, and complete set of reference, and wraps it all in a single elegant interface.

    Orignal Content Provider - Heroturko.com

    What have we added to Coda lately?

    Plug-ins. This is huge! Teach Coda new tricks, and extend its functionality, lickety-split. Download plug-ins that others have written, or write your own plug-ins using your favorite scripting language. This is just the beginning — learn more in the Coda Developer Zone. We look forward to seeing what you make!

    Open quickly. Hit Control-Q to instantly access the Open Quickly window. Type a few letters of the local file you want to edit, anywhere in your site. Ka-jang! Instantly open it. It&#039;s Spotlight for your website files!

    Smart Spelling. Spell check your words — not your code. And in Mac OS X 10.5, do it as you type!

    Subversion. Work with a team using the most popular source control system there is, baked right into the sidebar. Check out code, update, commit changes — yep, Coda just saved you even more time.

    Find across files. You can now find and replace text across multiple local files — open files, files in a specific folder, or the files in your "site" — using the same sleek, inline search bar you know and love.

    Mac OS X 10.4+

    Version 1.7.1:

    Improves compatibility with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)

    Download Links


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    Dec 2014
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    Cảm ơn bạn. Mình vừa tải về.

    Hy vọng bản này không gặp phải lỗi như mình đang sử dụng với bản 1.7.0.


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    Dec 2014
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    Em đang dùng bản 1.6.10 thấy cũng ok lắm, k biết version mới này có gì khác ko nhỉ?

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