Airmail v1.0.2 (Mac OSX)
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Airmail là một ứng dụng đọc Mail chuyên nghiệp để đọc, soạn email giao diện rất đẹp và dễ tương tác. Bạn có thể add vào các tài khoản yahoo, gmail và sử dụng để không cần phải vào bằng trình duyệt nữa.

Danh sách chức năng của Airmail v1.0.2:


- Unified Inbox and folders

- Multi Account with editable html signatures.

- Aliases management with custom SMTP

- Support for Gmail, GoogleTM Apps, iCloudTM, Yahoo!, AOL and Generic IMAP.


- Quick Reply

- Operation history with multiple undo

- Offline operations and auto recovery

- Drag and drop

- Copy messages across different accounts

- Interaction sounds


- Gmail Shortcuts

- Custom global shortcuts

- Quick Label, Quick Move,

- Quick folder selection,


- Drag and drop on application

- Quicklook preview

- Dropbox support

- Inline image attachments


- Group messages by conversation

- Group messages by subject

- Reverse messages conversation

- Muted CC-d


- Multiple themes for messages, composer and window.

- Minimal and extended Mode

- Account color detection

- Memo visual mark


- Per account notifications

- Notification center support

- Notification alerts with custom action.


- Gmail and OS contacts import

- Group support

- Custom contacts pictures


- Html and text only.

- Custom settings per single account

- Bullet and number list.

Sending queue:

- Auto CC, BCC.

- Pending operations

- Copy in sent folder for Some generic IMAP service.


- Time Machine friendly

- Full Screen support

- Retina Display

- Dockless mode

- EML Export

- View Message Source

Search & Filtering:

- Global search for multiple accounts

- Quick filter by unread, starred, message with attachments and conversations

- User Scope filter, show messages of the same user

- Advanced folder filter

Folders, Labels:

- Nested folders

- Create, Delete and edit folders

- Custom folder colors

- Localized folder names

- Custom folder mappings