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    OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 ( 13D65 ) 2014 - Bộ Cài OS X Mavericks Mới Nhất

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    Publication Type : Installer

    Release took place : 15.05.2014

    Build Number : 13D65

    Developer : Apple Inc.

    Official website: link

    App Store: link

    Language: Russian , English, and other

    Treatment: not required

    System requirements :

    OS X 10.6.8 or later

    2 GB of memory

    8 GB of free disk space

    Some features require Apple ID; requires compliance with the conditions .

    Some features require a compatible Internet service provider ; fees may apply.

    Supported Models

    iMac ( mid-2007 model or newer)

    MacBook ( aluminum model late 2008, early 2009 model or newer)

    MacBook Pro ( model mid / late 2007 or newer)

    Xserve ( early 2009 model )

    MacBook Air ( late 2008 model or newer)

    Mac mini ( early 2009 model or newer)

    Mac Pro ( early 2008 model or newer)

    * MacBook Pro ( 17 -inch model the end of 2008 ) and the white MacBook ( late 2008 model ) do not support AirDrop.

    Requirements for individual functions


    OS X - is an operating system that provides the performance of each computer Mac.

    It is built on the basis of reliable platform UNIX and fully uses all hardware capabilities .

    And this system is designed so that the use of the computer was the most intuitive and consistent.

    C OS X Mavericks work on Mac becomes more convenient.

    You are new applications and exciting new features that you will be very useful .

    And innovative technology OS X Mavericks will help your Mac run faster and consume much less energy.

    Including a 200 new features , OS X Mavericks for the first time presents Maps and iBooks for Mac, introduces the new features " Tabs Finder» and " Tags ", improves support for multiple screens and provides a completely new browser Safari.

    In the latest release of the world's most advanced computer operating system also includes new core technologies that represent a breakthrough in the field of energy efficiency and speed of response .

    In OS X Mavericks host of new features and capabilities : from applications to everyday technologies that increase the power of your Mac. All they do Mavericks most perfect of our operating systems.

    In OS X there are applications for e- mail and messaging, laying tracks, browse the Internet , event planning , set reminders , video calls and automatic data backup . There is even an application to search for new applications. With this system, your Mac is not just full of features - it is ready to work.

    Additional Information:

    What's new in version 10.9.3

    The update version 10.9.3 improved stability as well as improved compatibility and security of your Mac.

    Read more about the update:

    • Improved support for 4K monitors on Mac Pro (late 2013) and MacBook Pro 15-inch display Retina (end of 2013).

    • Added the ability to sync contacts and calendars on your Mac and iOS devices by connecting the USB.

    • Improved reliability of connections VPN, using IPsec.

    • Includes Safari 7.0.3

    Installation Procedure:

    Open image "dmg" on the desktop.

    Copy the installer Mavericks in "Programs."

    Run installer.

    If you mount an image of a hand, you get an error.

    Open System Preferences, go to the protection and safety.

    Click on the lock at the bottom to unlock them.

    Select Allow downloading programs from any source.

    Download Here


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    Đặt gạch,

    Kéo về cài thử xem thế nào :v

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    Bộ này tải về rồi ghi ra USB luôn hay sao thớt, có cần làm nhiều bước như những bộ OSX 10.9 trước không ?

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    Installation Procedure:

    Open image "dmg" on the desktop.

    Copy the installer Mavericks in "Programs."

    Run installer

    Cái này giống như Update ha bạn?

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    Ùa, phải tạo bộ cài đặt mới được. Còn không tải về thì nó là file up thôi

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