TechToolp Pro 4.6.2 DVD [MAC - ENG] | 1.24GB


Version 4.6.2:

The version 4.6.2 DVD will boot all currently shipping Mac models, including the new 2008 Mac models. Current owners of TechTool Pro 4 can purchase the TechTool Pro 4.6.2 DVD Update for $25 plus shipping and handling. Micromat also offers an Annual Subscription Service for $99. This is geared to owners of TechTool Pro 4 who wish to receive each update or upgrade automatically on DVD as soon as it is released.

* Addressed -108 error in Directory Maintenance.

* Improvements to Volume Structure routines. eeDrive will now create a 12GB partition required by Mac OS X 10.5.

* Improvements the File Structure test.

* Added new machine and video card information strings.

* Added Chinese localization.

* Added DVD compatibility for new Macintosh models up to Summer 2010


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