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    Dec 2014
    Bài viết

    Apple GarageBand Jam Packs All Collections Full For MacOSX DVDR (2011}

    Apple GarageBand Jam Packs All Collections Full For MacOSX DVDR (2011/ENG) | 20.14 GB

    Open a Jam Pack and you will find all the talent you need - hundreds of professional backup musicians and sound engineers at your disposal 24 / 7. Each Jam Pack offers thousands of Apple Loops and dozens of playable software instruments.

    Orignal Content Provider


    Whether your song needs a soloist, backup singers, or an entire choir, the talent is on call. Voices gives you over 1,500 Apple Loops featuring professional soloists and choirs in multiple genres and styles. It also offers over 20 software instruments, including voices, choral ensembles, and amazing drum kits built on the human voice and body.

    Rhythm Section

    If you re looking for a backing band, Rhythm Section provides a veritable drum construction kit. Assemble a solid foundation of drums with varied sets of fills, grooves, and groove variations. Thanks to the wide variety of drum sounds available, you can create human-sounding performances. Rhythm Section also provides dozens of playable instruments: ten strings, ten basses, and ten drum kits.

    World Music

    Let your musical wanderings take you to more exotic places with World Music. Recorded over the course of a worldwide expedition and featuring an unprecedented collection of world loops, ethnic percussion, exotic strings, and regional wood instruments, World Music captures the most authentic performances in dozens of countries, genres, and playing styles.

    Remix Tools

    Gotta groove? This Jam Pack is for you. Designed for electronic dance music enthusiasts who like to move to hip-hop, techno, trance, and R & B, Remix Tools offers beat kits, sound effects, synth sounds, and the rhythms of classic Roland drum machines.

    Symphony Orchestra

    Symphony Orchestra lets you conduct a full orchestra, from brass and percussion to strings and woodwinds. Create classical compositions or soundtracks, or add the power of a symphony to your GarageBand pop, rock, and hip-hop songs.

    Note: On a couple of the. Dmg files, when you extract it, you will get a warning at the "Verification" stage of unpacking. If you just click "Open," it will still work. I don't really know why that message pops up, in all honesty. There is nothing wrong with these Jam Packs.


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    Ngày tham gia
    Dec 2014
    Bài viết
    Bác ơi...cho em xin link bên mediafire được không bác...Thanks bac nhiều

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