Version 2.3.1:

New Features

Added Spanish localization.


You can now unset the default and service presets in the preset configuration.

1024px application icon for retina display Macs.

Bug fixes

Fixed a small memory leak.

Fixed a crash when extracting 7-zip archives with a custom-set, invalid temp folder.

DEB archives were not handled correctly in some cases.

Fixed compression of symbolic links.

Fixed the file attributes when extracting certain executables zipped on a Windows box.

Extracting a single folder from a SIT archive didn't work.

"No compression" didn't work for files larger than 4GB.

When directly extracting a rar file, passwords were not tried automatically, even if the option to do so was set in the preferences.

When changing the order of presets, the default choices were lost.

Fixed the 1-click "Download & Install" function for the external rar commandline utility.


Intel, 64-bit processor

OS X 10.6.6 or later